[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 3/3] avformat/opensrt: add Haivision Open SRT protocol

nablet developer sdk at nablet.com
Fri Nov 10 05:34:47 EET 2017

On 10-Nov-17 03:35, Nicolas George wrote:
> Can you explain the logic of the implementation? I have a hard time
> understanding why you call the tcp protocol from here after forcing it
> to call back here.
> Regards,
the idea is to avoid code duplication as much as possible, and try to 
re-use existing, well-maintained and well-tested code.
this time I've chosen tcp.c rather udp.c for two reasons:
1. SRT socket API actually resembles tcp, as it uses connection and 
related methods (connect/listen/accept)
2. tcp.c code is much more clean and straightforward rather udp.c
the first thing which obviously differs between tcp and srt are socket 
api calls, but there is direct mapping for most of them, e.g.:
socket -> srt_socket
connect -> srt_connect
listen -> srt_listen
very few of srt socket calls are different, e.g. srt doesn't provide 
send/recv, but provides sendmsg/recvmsg, also it doesn't provide poll, 
but has epoll_wait.
with simple wrappers, it allows to use existing logic of tcp.c and 
network.c without modifications.
for calling back srt from tcp, that's the second difference - srt has 
lots of additional socket options,
and some of these socket options has to be set prior to connection, 
others after connection (called pre and post options in srt).
Haivision explicitly requested to add these options into ffmpeg component.
so, there are two calls back in tcp_open - to set options just before 
connection, and to set options right after connections.
if you have some advice on how it can be implemented better, I am open 
for suggestions and advises.

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