[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avformat/dv: change dv audio format endianess to BE.

Александр Слободенюк alexander.slobodeniuk at bramtech.ru
Sun Nov 12 03:30:29 EET 2017

> Divisions should be avoided in the inner loops as they can be slow

> The commit message should explain this

That's  nothing  but the engineering issue: dv stores BE audio, and we're removing byteswap to
LE. It   seems   that  this  change  is  meaningless,  yes  it  is,
furthermore,   the  code  maybe looks  not  so  obvious  for  the  price  of
infinitesimal microoptimization (in my implementation, unlike in ffmbc).
In  fact  it just closes the FIXME comment in the code.
You're  welcome to refuse it, but note, that if you refuse the idea of
changing  audio endianess to BE in dv, then someone should remove that
FIXME comment "maybe we have to admit that DV is a big-endian PCM"
(in  this  case  the FIXME is closed too, we just answer "no,
we don't have to").
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