[FFmpeg-devel] I just ran FATE. Did the tests pass?

Jim DeLaHunt from.ffmpeg-dev at jdlh.com
Mon Nov 13 10:21:46 EET 2017


I just checked out the FFmpeg master branch, compiled, and ran FATE. I 
followed instructions in <http://ffmpeg.org/fate.html>.

make fate-rsync SAMPLES=fate-suite/
make fate       SAMPLES=fate-suite/

This printed out many lines, ending in:

TEST    mxf-probe-dnxhd
TEST    mxf-probe-dv25
TEST    vorbis-1833-chapters

I was expecting to see a test report, with some count of how many tests 
passed, how many failed, how man skipped, etc.  I did not see anything 
that looked like a report.  I searched the root of the ffmpeg project 
directory, and the tests/* subdirectory, and didn't see anything that 
looked like a report.

I do not see instructions in <http://ffmpeg.org/fate.html> on how to 
find out the results of a FATE run, except maybe to submit results to 
the FFmpeg result aggregation server, then to look there.

Surely there must be some report?  How do I found out if my FATE tests 

Thank you,
      —Jim DeLaHunt


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