[FFmpeg-devel] avcodec/qsvenc Question for Intel QSV low latency

Natsuki Kai n.kai.cj.github at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 18:02:53 EET 2017

Hi Moritz,

Thank you for explaining in details. It really helped me.
It seems gmail or other mail tool shouldn't be used, but only "git
send-email" is accepted.
I posted patch mail from git command.
So please discuss in that thread.

I've been confused because "git send-email" doesn't work on windows PC...
Finally, I gave up working on windows and posted on Mac.

On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 9:54 PM, Moritz Barsnick <barsnick at gmx.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 14:13:15 +0900, Natsuki Kai wrote:
>> Oh sorry, I don't understand how to do well yet...
> [...]
>> -    q->async_fifo = av_fifo_alloc((1 + q->async_depth) *
>> +    q->async_fifo = av_fifo_alloc((q->async_depth) *
>>                                    (sizeof(AVPacket) +
>> sizeof(mfxSyncPoint*) + sizeof(mfxBitstream*)));
> Your mail tool or send chain is inserting linebreaks into the patch. It
> will therefore not work anymore on the receiving side (as it is not
> only visually inspected on the list, but also tested). You can either
> send the patch with "git send-email", or attach it as a separate file.
> Moritz
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