[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avformat/hlsenc: creation of hls variant streams with master playlist in a single hlsenc instance

Dixit, Vishwanath vdixit at akamai.com
Wed Nov 15 15:48:21 EET 2017

>On 11/15/17, 9:56 AM, "刘歧" <lq at chinaffmpeg.org> wrote:    
>    all test info bellow:
>    1st, look at the ffmpeg.exe banner 
>    2nd, test with fate-filter-hls-append
>    3nd, test with filter-hls-vs-with-master
>/home/liuqi/ffmpeg/tests/fate-run.sh: 1: eval: ffmpeg.exe: not found
>    make: *** [fate-filter-hls-vs-with-master] Error 1
>    liuqi at localhost:~/ffmpeg/windows$

I have fixed the issue. Please find the updated patches in the attachment. The following updates are made,
1. An additional FATE ‘run’ command was needed in the test to resolve ‘ffmpeg.exe: not found’ issue.
2. Line splitter ‘\’ in make file was creating some sort of un-certainty in test results between linux and windows. I have removed line splitter and have made it a single line command. 
3. There are minor updates to resolve the compile time warnings.

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