[FFmpeg-devel] Feature request

Ben Hutchinson benhut1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 13:49:19 EET 2017

I would like to be able to deinterlace a video by converting full-height
frames into half-height fields (where each frame of the output represents
one field of the input) at double the frame rate. The way this would work
is it would take the top field (or bottom field) first and export it as the
first frame in the output file, and then take the next field of the input
and output it as the second frame in the output file. Then it moves on to
the first field of the second input frame, and outputs this as the 3rd
frame of the output. And this continues until the output file has twice as
many frames as the input, at half the height of the input, and runs at
twice the frame rate as the input.
For example:
Input Frame1 Field1 ----> Output Frame1
Input Frame1 Field2 ----> Output Frame2
Input Frame2 Field1 ----> Output Frame3
Input Frame2 Field2 ----> Output Frame4

I would also like to be able to do the reverse of this, take a video file
who's frames represent fields, and then interlace them so that they
actually are fields within frames in the output video, and at the same time
cut the frame rate in half.
For example:
Input Frame1 ----> Output Frame1 Field1
Input Frame2 ----> Output Frame1 Field2
Input Frame3 ----> Output Frame2 Field1
Input Frame4 ----> Output Frame2 Field2

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