[FFmpeg-devel] order T-shirts

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann at mail.de
Tue Nov 21 19:31:23 EET 2017


>>> My suggestion would be, that we could order Thomas' design for all
>>> the developers and requests I've recieved by now and that we take
>>> Lou's for our stock for give-aways during conferences. Just my
>>> thinking...
>> no further comments so I did order alike. Should recieve them next week and the first of you will have their shirts soon thereafter.
> today, all shirts are ready for shipping. I'll send them away early next week.

all packages are on their way now!

We have now quite some few shirts in stock in Lou's design (-1 for Lou himself). Find all the numbers in this thread.

Will request reimbursement separately. I'd appreciate feedback once your package arrived.


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