[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v3 1/2] avformat/hlsenc: Modularized playlist creation to allow reuse

Jeyapal, Karthick kjeyapal at akamai.com
Fri Nov 24 07:30:44 EET 2017

>On 11/24/17, 9:44 AM, "刘歧" <lq at chinaffmpeg.org> wrote:
>> 在 2017年11月24日,11:55,Karthick J <kjeyapal at akamai.com> 写道:
>> ---
>> libavformat/hlsenc.c | 238 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------------
>> libavformat/hlsenc.h |  68 +++++++++++++++
>> 2 files changed, 194 insertions(+), 112 deletions(-)
>> create mode 100644 libavformat/hlsenc.h
>I suggest move the ff_ functions to a common file, because the hlsenc file modify frequently,
>there have risk to be modify by other contributor, these functions maybe need design clearly,
>it is used only by hlsenc and dashenc, i cannot sure it be used by other module future, 
>so modify it is hard work for the modules after this commit.
>Move them to segment_common.c or a good filename.c maybe better than in hlsenc.
>What about your mind?
Thanks for the reply. 
I have segregated ff_ functions into a separate .c file as you suggested, in patchset v4.



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