[FFmpeg-devel] Added HW H.264 and HEVC encoding for AMD GPUs based on AMF SDK

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 05:17:40 EET 2017

2017-11-27 4:00 GMT+01:00 James Almer <jamrial at gmail.com>:
> On 11/26/2017 11:57 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
>> 2017-11-27 3:42 GMT+01:00 James Almer <jamrial at gmail.com>:
>>> No comments about the code, but given this patchset has started a policy
>>> controversy I'll state I'm in favor of including this external header.
>> Will the header work for operating systems other than Windows?
> Why are you asking me? I'm not the author of the patch.
> And a quick look at the configure change should answer your question.

What I meant was:
The header currently does not help a relevant number of users
(it would make Zeranoe's and Hendrik's life a little easier, that's
all). In the future, it will be useful because AMD plans to provide
a Linux driver. But I have a feeling that the current header will
not work for this future driver, meaning adding the header now
may be counter-productive.

That's completely apart from the fact that this header file does
not comply with any style guide while Nvidia's does (from a
very quick look at both files).

Carl Eugen

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