[FFmpeg-devel] AMD external header

Timo Rothenpieler timo at rothenpieler.org
Mon Nov 27 19:20:47 EET 2017

> Personally, I would prefer if the bundled external headers were
> installed together with ffmpeg public headers (so nvenc/cuda/etc...
> weren't simply private headers within ffmpeg).  There are some nvenc
> APIs I need to query hardware capabilities to avoid setting nvenc
> codec parameters that would cause the codec to fail to initialize via
> ffmpeg apis.  Given that ffmpeg already includes the headers that
> declare those APIs I've been able to use them without installing nvenc
> SDK separately, but since they are private headers in the ffmpeg
> source tree it feels dirty to do that.

Well that is definitely not going to happen.
Nobody will watch over API/ABI compatibility in those headers.
If you need them, get them yourself.

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