[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v6 2/2] avformat/dashenc: Option to generate hls playlist as well

Jeyapal, Karthick kjeyapal at akamai.com
Wed Nov 29 17:19:43 EET 2017

On 11/29/17, 7:43 PM, "Steven Liu" <lingjiujianke at gmail.com> wrote:

>> +        target_duration = lrint((double) target_duration / timescale);
>What value will set when the target_duration is 1.023 ? I think we
>have talk about the value and the specification describe the standard
>process way.
>You can move the function get_int_from_double to the common file and use that.

Thanks for reminding me. I have corrected it and sent a fresh patchset as you suggested.


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