[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add android_capture indev

Felix Matouschek felix at matouschek.org
Thu Nov 30 18:29:45 EET 2017

Am 30.11.2017 14:48, schrieb Michael Niedermayer:
>> You mean avg_frame_rate and r_frame_rate?
>> The framerate can vary between the values in framerate_range[0]
>> (min) and framerate_range[1] (max).
>> Ideally both values are the same, sometimes min can be lower but for
>> the average the framerate should be what is in max.
>> Should I set r_frame_rate to min?
> I think if you do not know the base or average frame rate you
> should not set it.
> Or does this lead to some unreasonable latency ?
> or are the computed values worse ?

On some devices min and max are the same so the framerate is fixed and I 
know it.
On other devices the min framerate can be lower and so the actual 
framerate can vary between both values.

On average the framerate still should be around the maximum value.

Do you think I'm better off not setting it at all? Will it then get 
computed automatically?

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