[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg fails to compile CentOS 7

PUPCo Studios pupcostudios at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 19:38:36 EET 2017

I have been working for a week to look for a solution that would allow me to
compile ffmpeg and associated encoders from the ffmpeg wiki tutorial page
with no success. I have covered everything, new OS to changes to the
compilation directions from the tutorial. I am using CentOS 7 updated and
the only way I have ever been able to get it to “maybe compile” is to borrow
a fix from an Ubuntu script.


This is where the ffmpeg compile halts on:


ERROR: libmp3lame >= 3.98.3 not found



The following will allow the compile process to move further:



sed -i -e 's/\(3.98.3..lame.lame.h.lame.set.VBR.quality..lmp3lame\)/\1 -lm/'


taken from à CREDIT # https://stackoverflow.com/a/46756012/4510033 from


This allows the compile process to go further, but then ends up causing a
time skew issue which I could only fix by touch command as follows:


find /root -type f -exec touch {} +


After using this to fix the file time skew issue, I end up with ffmpeg
compiling but warning of the time skew issue saying “the compilation may not
be complete” or something to that effect.


Enclosed is the config.log file after only following the ffmpeg tutorial
here:  https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/CompilationGuide/Centos


I have in the past made tutorials for compiling ffmpeg with a multitude of
encoder support (which of course that guide fails in the same way during the
fffmpeg compiling
) so I am no stranger to having to “fix” the tutorial with
workarounds and such – and I am now not even compiling anything as shared as
the point of installing ffmpeg which is to install ffmpeg-php also. 


To be clear all I have done is use the CentOS tutorial on the ffmpeg wiki
page EXACTLY with no shared libraries and such. This config log reflects
what would happen to anyone trying to use the ffmpeg compiling tutorial from
the wiki on a CentOS 7 box. I did ask a broad question of the list before
with no real detail like this because it takes about ten minutes of
following the tutorial to see there is something broken in ffmpeg or its
associated encoders from the wiki.


Hopefully with ffmpeg being worked on by so many people and is an active
project, perhaps someone can find the problem with the software or the wiki.
I can say my original tutorial (based on an older ffmpeg version
) had bugs
in it that needed fixed (missing files and the like
) but I could diagnose
it and come up with the work arounds. With the software and wiki aimed at
CentOS there are no obvious or intelligent workaround that use any sort of
best practices to obtain a working result.


Attached is my “ffbuild/config.log” at which point the compile fails with
ERROR: libmp3lame >= 3.98.3 not found


Thanks in advance,

Douglas W.

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