[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avcodec/opus_parser: Handle complete frames flag.

James Almer jamrial at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 23:43:23 EEST 2018

On 8/21/2018 7:47 PM, James Almer wrote:
> On 8/20/2018 3:35 PM, Jacob Trimble wrote:
>> I am not entirely sure what this flag is supposed to be, since there
>> is no documentation where it is defined.  But this was suggested by
>> James Almer as a fix for my encrypted Opus problems and several other
>> codec parsers do the same thing.
> It's a flag that lets the parser know what kind of frames it's getting.
> libavformat will set it if the source is a demuxer that guarantees the
> propagation of complete frames, like mp4, Matroska and Ogg.
> Applied, thanks.

Had to revert this as it broke packet timestamp and duration generation
for all Opus streams in Matroska and probably other containers.
You can reproduce it with the mka test vectors in the FATE sample suite
by doing a codec copy to the framecrc pseudo muxer. Decoding was
apparently unaffected, so FATE didn't detect any regression.

I don't know how to work around the issues you had with encrypted files
if not with this. Maybe the Opus packet parsing could be done by the
Matroska demuxer, much like the Ogg demuxer does (The only container
apparently not negatively affected by the commit i just reverted).

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