[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] delogo filter: new "uglarm" interpolation mode added

Uwe Freese uwe.freese at gmx.de
Wed Dec 26 17:48:15 EET 2018

>> so now I've taken the time to integrate the alternative interpolation algorithm 'uglarm' into the delogo filter.
> Please do not re-indent existing code in this patch as this makes reviewing the changes more difficult

Parts of the previous code are now in an "if" statement block (function 
apply_delogo), so indentation is correct. Even it would maybe be better 
to read the diff, it wouldn't be correctly indented.

In the parameter lists, spaces are added to have the same layout of the 
descriptions in the right part for all lines.

So what should I do in this case?

I could create a diff of course with "wrong" indentation (not correctly 
indented and not good to read in the final file, but the diff is better 
to read...). Would this help for the first review?

>   and please do not add trailing white space as it cannot be committed to our git repository.

OK, I'll remove them, no problem. (I'll send a new patch to this list 
after I know how to handle also the first point.)

> (I did not check if you are possibly changing the license of code you did not write yourself, please be extra careful to make sure this does not happen.)

The TimgFilterLogoaway.cpp from ffdshow also has GPL 2 and up, the same 
as vf_delogo.c from ffmpeg. -> OK.



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