[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avfilter/f_realtime: add option to scale speed

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun Dec 30 15:28:46 EET 2018

Moritz Barsnick (2018-12-27):
> So the limit shall be in "real" realtime? In other words, if the max
> sleep time limit is 2 seconds (default), it shall stay there, even if a
> speed < 1 slowdown extends all sleep times?

That was my point, but it is only an opinion.

> (The use case is, for example: Slowdown a 25 fps stream with 0.01, all
> sleep times will be around 4 seconds, and therefore be skipped, which
> is not quite intended. The user would need to adapt the limit
> explicitly.)

I had not realized you wanted to slow things down that much.

> I can do so. Who decides whether the hunks stays or goes? I'm
> indecisive.

I think since you made the effort of implementing this, you get to
decide that kind of fine details. The preference I have expressed is
very minor, both solutions are ok with me.


  Nicolas George
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