[FFmpeg-devel] [Cellar] [PATCH] avcodec/ffv1: Support for RGBA64 and GBRAP16

Jean-Christophe Kummer c.kummer at noa-archive.com
Sat Feb 3 16:49:36 EET 2018

Loooking to it from a pragmatic management point of view, there is a lot of open source unfriendly community from the EBU/SMPTE world which would have their opinion about a failed or even more delayed IETF spec finalisation.

I think - given the efforts which have been put into it, the beauty with what  is ALREADY existing, 
coexistency of v4 work and finalisation of v3 work towards IETF standardization is the strategy which 
we should concentrate on.  

16bit in v3: Please go for it. And allow for v4 for other discussions. 

Not to forget about all video projects which would be happy to see that IETF and the community finalises v3 also for it´s  8/10bit formats which have an even higher representation in hundred thousands of archive hours already now. 

If there is something I can do please contact me.


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On Sat, Feb 03, 2018 at 01:58:10PM +0100, Reto Kromer wrote:
> Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> >To clarify my suggestion,
> >the algorithm should be tuned for high bit depth before using it for 
> >long term storage. This would be v4 (or later).
> >Personally i would wait for v4 and not use v3 for high bit depth. 
> >Which is why i think its not smart to extend the v3 implementation 
> >with more high depth support.
> The issue is that in the real world we need to use the format now. 
> Otherwise the film archives must use MXF/DPX instead of Матрёшка/FFV1. 
> That's the point!

Then using the v3 16bit is probably the most realistic option.
And jeromes patch should probably be applied

I hope this will not reduce interrest in working on a improved 9-16bit mode in v4.


> Last but not least, since almost two years now it's impossible
> to work on the development of FFV1 v4. It's always the wrong
> time and/or the wrong place every time I am doing something for
> this cause. Why? This is extremely frustrating.

I want to understand this too. IMO v4 development should be more
important than or at least equally to the v3 draft polishing and neither 
should block the other.

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