[FFmpeg-devel] FOSDEM 2018

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 01:56:03 EET 2018

2018-02-06 12:36 GMT+01:00 Thilo Borgmann <thilo.borgmann at mail.de>:

> last weekend, Carl Eugen, Rostislav and myself were attending the
> FOSDEM 2018 in Brussels, Belgium [1].
> There were tons of interesting talks given during the weekend. Most interesting
> for us were of course the talks that had been given in the Open Media track, one
> of them by Rostislav. See [2] for the complete list and possible download of
> slides/video. Unfortunately, I could not be there for the FFmpeg talk given by
> Jess Portnoy myself but I think Carl Eugen might comment on that.

The talk was directed to (future) users and showed several different
possible use-cases. It gave a rough overview on what is possible
with FFmpeg and introduced all command line utilities.
There was a question about compilation on a specific (apparently
Intel-compatible) system and the answer did not mention that we
mostly depend on asm opimization, apart from that, the talk was a
nice introduction to our software.

Rostislav gave an interesting historic overview over some different
codecs, triggered (iiuc) by this blog entry that I had not known about:

Tim Terriberry explained that the AV1 bitstream freeze has not happened
yet, but they are very close.

The good news is that Stefan Gehrer wants to look into the cavs
issues and will hopefully test dash support;-)

Flying back to Vienna was much more difficult than expected
(I missed Nick Foles' first drive) but we finally arrived with some delay...

Carl Eugen

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