[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add android_capture indev

Felix Matouschek felix at matouschek.org
Mon Feb 19 09:39:56 EET 2018

Hello Michael,

do you think the patch could be merged in its current state?
It is functional, maybe I can do the cosmetic changes later.
I was a bit busy the last weeks.

Would be nice if it could get into the 3.5 / 4.0 release.


Am 02.01.2018 10:23, schrieb Felix Matouschek:
>> Am 28.12.2017 um 19:20 schrieb Michael Niedermayer 
>> <michael at niedermayer.cc>:
>>> +    av_image_copy_to_buffer(pkt.data, pkt_buffer_size,
>>> +                            (const uint8_t * const *) 
>>> image_plane_data,
>>> +                            image_linestrides, ctx->image_format,
>>> +                            ctx->width, ctx->height, 32);
>> Is the copy needed ?
>> can the data not be put in a AVPacket without copy but by pointing to 
>> the image?
>> the AVPackets deallocation can be overridden to free the image
> I’m not sure but I guess it could lead to problems as the AImageReader
> has its own queue, which is currently limited to two images. In
> general the image_available callback is processed fast enough so this
> is not a problem and all AVPackets are buffered in the thread message
> queue (ctx->input_queue) while the original AImage is deleted. Every
> AImage is also permanently associated with the AImageReader and needs
> to be deleted for the AImageReader to accept new images. I think if
> doing so the input_queue and the AImageReader queue probably need the
> same size.
> How could I put the different pointers I get from the Android system
> for each plane into the AVPacket? I’m not even sure if all planes live
> in the same contiguous space of memory? How does one overwrite the
> AVPacket deallocation?
> Currently I’m using AImageReader_acquireLatestImage(), this should be
> changed to AImageReader_acquireNextImage(), other than that it could
> work.
> Felix
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