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kendell clark coffeekingms at hotmail.com
Sun May 6 05:22:41 EEST 2018

Hi all
My name is Kendell Clark, and I’ve been involved in open source software since august of 2011. I’ve recently purchased a used iPod touch, 5th generation, and have found that to use it well, windows and iTunes is required, which I’m not happy about. I’d much rather use Linux to manage the thing, which is partly doable. However, I’ve also found out that books purchased through iTunes are protected with some ridiculous drm scheme, and ffmpeg cannot handle these files, yet. I’ve built ffmpeg from source and wish to help you guys add support for this format if you guys are interested. I’ve burned the book to a cd so I can play it on other devices and my pc, but I want to help you guys add support for whatever scheme these guys are using. I’m being told to upload a sample to your ftp server at ftp.ffmpeg.org/incoming<ftp://ftp.ffmpeg.org/incoming>, but I’m unsure how to generate a sample that will be enough of the file to figure out what apple is doing but not so much as to be a burdeon on your server. I don’t want to upload the entire thing but I also want to be helpful. Any help would be appreciated. I cannot code, so won’t be able to help code, but I’d be glad to help test, or in any other way you guys would find useful.
Kendell Clark

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