[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Added the possibility to pass an externally created CUDA context to libavutil/hwcontext.c/av_hwdevice_ctx_create() for decoding with NVDEC

Timo Rothenpieler timo at rothenpieler.org
Tue May 8 12:24:53 EEST 2018

On 08.05.2018 10:11, Oscar Amoros Huguet wrote:
> Thank you so much!
> We will test this hopefully today, and verify the expected behavior with NSIGHT.
> By the way, I'm new to ffmpeg, so... I don't know if you use your fork to test things first, before adding the changes to the main ffmpeg project? Or may we consider to compile and use your fork?
> Thanks!

I'm only using my github fork to stage new patches. Most of the times
it's notably behind ffmpeg master or contains half-broken WIP patches.
So I wouldn't recommend using it on a regular basis.

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