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Andy Eastbury | Projection Artworks Andy.Eastbury at projectionartworks.com
Thu May 31 11:44:03 EEST 2018


Have followed the link from the consulting page as we need to hire someone!

We need a little help with the final bits of code so we can finalise our software build.

We are looking for someone with C++ and FFmpeg experience to assist.
We have the basic player built but need some assistance to complete and have it functioning correctly.
Media Player Specification

We require an FFMPEG based media player to load the video, play the video at the correct frame rate and play audio at the correct sample rate. The video just needs to play it's full length and continuously loop. At the moment we have a basic MediaPlayer class that could be modified or replaced. This places the video as a texture for a mesh, the functionality here is already built however any recommendations on improvements or optimizations would be appreciated.
We'd also like a method of keeping multiple players on the network as closely in sync as possible. We're aware there may be hardware limitations for exact frame syncing (we'll be running the app on a small windows player and will not have gen-lock).
The specification for the synchronization would be to send a multicast message out to other players on the network which would then reply. One player will be specified as the server and the others as clients. The server will then stream the current frame number over the local network and the clients would be expected to keep as close to this frame as possible.

Can you let me know your availability and rates



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