[FFmpeg-devel] adding file append option to file: protocol

Duane Salbi duane.fixitright at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 02:02:53 EEST 2018

The file protocol always creates new files.   For mpeg1 and mpeg2, one can
append directly.

It would seem to be a small change to the file protocol to add a flag to
support opening the file in append mode.

Is there a good reason this is not already added??

For some standards, this would seem to be a better solution than writing a
different file and using the concat protocol to join the two files into a
third file.


P.S - code of interest seems to be ffpeg/libavformat/file.c

file_open() .. would need to add branch in the
decision tree which open file for write without
using O_CREAT

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