[FFmpeg-devel] [aarch64] improve performance of ff_yuv2planeX_8_neon

Sebastian Pop sebpop at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 00:38:25 EET 2019


This patch rewrites the innermost loop of ff_yuv2planeX_8_neon to avoid zips and
horizontal adds by using fused multiply adds. The patch also uses ld1r to load
one element and replicate it across all lanes of the vector. The patch also
improves the clipping code by removing the shift right instructions and
performing the shift with the shift-right narrow instructions.

I see 8% better performance on an m6g instance with neoverse-n1 CPUs:
$ ffmpeg -nostats -f lavfi -i testsrc2=4k:d=2 -vf
bench=start,scale=1024x1024,bench=stop -f null -
before: t:0.014015 avg:0.014096 max:0.015018 min:0.013971
after:  t:0.012985 avg:0.013013 max:0.013996 min:0.012818

Tested with `make check` on aarch64-linux.

Please let me know how I can improve the patch.

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