[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v7 1/3] lavc/codec_desc: introduce AV_CODEC_PROP_INTRA_ONLY flag to audio codec

Tsuchiya, Yuki (SHES) Yuki.Tsuchiya at sony.com
Thu Dec 12 14:50:15 EET 2019


Thank you for the feedbacks.

´╗┐On 2019/12/12 21:32, "James Almer" <jamrial at gmail.com> wrote:
    On 12/12/2019 9:10 AM, Andreas Rheinhardt wrote:
    >> Not all audio codecs are intra-only. TrueHD is a notable exception: It uses
    >> sync frames and only they should be keyframes.
    > Correct. But before we can make it effective the truehd parser needs to
    > mark keyframes as required. I'll send a patch for that in a minute.

OK. I will remove INTRA_ONLY flag from TrueHD.

    >> Although you aim to not change behaviour, it does change behaviour for
    >> subtitles and also for the other pseudo-codecs (like dvd-nav packets,
    >> wrapped AVFrames etc.). If I am not mistaken, then at least HDMV PGS
    >> subtitles (used on Blurays) are not intra-only.
    >The intra only flag is for video and audio only, as stated in the doxy.

    >> You could simplify this to return !!(d->props & AV_CODEC_PROP_INTRA_ONLY);
    >> you could even omit the !!.
    > Since he needs to prevent it from triggering for subtitles, the check
    > should be if ((d->type == AVMEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO || d->type ==
    > AVMEDIA_TYPE_AUDIO) && !(d->props & AV_CODEC_PROP_INTRA_ONLY)) or similar.

This is simply my mistake. I will fix this.

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