[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avfilter/image2: Add source file path and basename to each packet side data.

Alexandre Heitor Schmidt alexandre.schmidt at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 18:53:40 EET 2019

Sorry, Nicolas. I'm new here. I'll keep the mails short for sure. 
Hopefully my next submissions won't take this long to process, as now I 
know more about how the entire thing works. Even reading the docs 
regarding patch submissions (which I did), there are things that I had 
to learn by trial & error until I do it exactly how they're supposed to 
be done.

To answer your questions: yes, I've run make fate and built ffmpeg 
completely. But specifically for this problem with the HTML docs, the 
issue was I didn't have texi2html installed, so the build process wasn't 
generating any of the HTML docs (CONFIG_HTMLPAGES = 0), but no warnings 
or similar were being shown. For the man pages, those non-escaped "{}" 
didn't raise any errors, so I thought it was okay.

Anyway, I hope it gets through now. Everything re-tested.

Thank you for the hints.


On 21/12/2019 16:34, Nicolas George wrote:
> Alexandre Heitor Schmidt (12019-12-21):
>> I fixed it again. Some {} weren't escaped by the "@" character, thus causing
>> this error.
> How did this happen? Did you not build ffmpeg completely (and run FATE)
> before sending the patch?
> Also, could you please trim your mails? >250 lines of quote for just 3
> new lines is not a good signal/noise ratio, especially since your mailer
> re-wraps quotes (which it should not).
> Regards,

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