[FFmpeg-devel] [DISCUSS]

vivien anglesio vivien.anglesio at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 12:44:09 EET 2019


I would like to work on a "per output" -progress option in order to get
real-time encoding reports for multiple outputs encoding. I will try to
implement this myself but before putting my hands on it I wanted to discuss
about the different solutions with the community. I have three of them in

Proposition 1. to put all output progress feedback in the same progress
Proposition 2.to change the behavior of the progress option. make it an
output option instead of a global option
Proposition 3.to create a new per output progress option in order to do not
break the current API

I also wanted to add the duration of each output in the progress payload.
Actually we can not infer the duration from the frame count because we are
not always aware of the framerate.

 Does it seem relevant to you?


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