[FFmpeg-devel] -progress option per output

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Fri Dec 27 18:23:50 EET 2019

vivien anglesio (12019-12-20):
> I would like to work on a "per output" -progress option. I will try to
> implement this myself but before putting my hands on it I wanted to discuss
> about the different solutions with the community. I have three of them in
> mind

I would not object to this, although I doubt it will be very useful.

> Proposition 1. to put all output progress feedback in the same progress
> payload

That could be dangerous: the payload will become large, possibly needing
bigger buffers, or not fitting in a single packet.

> Proposition 2.to change the behavior of the progress option. make it an
> output option instead of a global option
> Proposition 3.to create a new per output progress option in order to do not
> break the current API

Proposition 3 is clearly superior to proposition 2, and seems to be the
most reasonable.

Another possibility is to add another global option to toggle between
current behavior and new behavior.

ffmpeg -progress $address -progress-details

> I also wanted to add the duration of each output in the progress payload.
> Actually we can not infer the duration from the frame count because we are
> not always aware of the framerate.

I think the duration is already there: out_time(_us).


  Nicolas George
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