[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avfilter: add vf_overlay_cuda

Alex 3.14pi at ukr.net
Wed Apr 1 18:12:13 EEST 2020

Driver is ok (I just updated it and same result), and nvenc working without  without cuda filters. But with overlay_cuda or scale_cuda ffmpeg is failing. Then I try to install ffmpeg on linux machine and looks like all working ok, but not on windows for me.

--- Original message ---
From: "Timo Rothenpieler" <timo at rothenpieler.org>
Date: 1 April 2020, 18:04:05

On 01.04.2020 16:14, Alex wrote:
> Driver 445.75 (Win 10)

I just tested a similar commandline on the same driver:

./ffmpeg_g.exe -v verbose -init_hw_device cuda=cuda -filter_hw_device 
cuda -hwaccel_output_format cuda -hwaccel cuda -i recode.mkv -i test.png 
"[1:v]format=nv12,hwupload[p],[0:v][p]overlay_cuda=x=100:y=100" -an -c:v 
h264_nvenc -y out.mp4

And that works perfectly fine on a RTX2070S. Make sure your driver 
installation is not somehow damaged.
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