[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 3/3] test: hlsenc: Use unique init/segment file names for the fmp4_ac3 test

Martin Storsjö martin at martin.st
Sun Aug 2 09:41:28 EEST 2020

Previously, the hls-fmp4 and hls-fmp4_ac3 tests used the same file
names for init and segment files, which occasionally could cause
corruption and failed tests, if the input files for both tests are
generated in parallel, as they could overwrite each other.

This happened to work some of the time, as the fmp4_ac3 test actually
only checked the init segment file (which the fmp4 test case never
wrote, due to using the incorrect hls_segment_type option) and the
fmp4 test case always regenerated the input files due to mismatched
target and file names.
 tests/fate/hlsenc.mak | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tests/fate/hlsenc.mak b/tests/fate/hlsenc.mak
index a57450cd7c..b3e87c0542 100644
--- a/tests/fate/hlsenc.mak
+++ b/tests/fate/hlsenc.mak
@@ -101,13 +101,13 @@ tests/data/hls_fmp4_ac3.m3u8: TAG = GEN
 tests/data/hls_fmp4_ac3.m3u8: ffmpeg$(PROGSSUF)$(EXESUF) | tests/data
 	-stream_loop 4 -i $(SAMPLES)/ac3/monsters_inc_5.1_448_small.ac3 -c copy -map 0 \
-	-hls_segment_type fmp4 -hls_fmp4_init_filename now.mp4 -hls_list_size 0 \
-	-hls_time 2 -hls_segment_filename "$(TARGET_PATH)/tests/data/hls_fmp4_%d.m4s" \
+	-hls_segment_type fmp4 -hls_fmp4_init_filename now_ac3.mp4 -hls_list_size 0 \
+	-hls_time 2 -hls_segment_filename "$(TARGET_PATH)/tests/data/hls_fmp4_ac3_%d.m4s" \
 	$(TARGET_PATH)/tests/data/hls_fmp4_ac3.m3u8 2>/dev/null
 FATE_HLSENC-$(call ALLYES, HLS_DEMUXER EAC3_DEMUXER) += fate-hls-fmp4_ac3
 fate-hls-fmp4_ac3: tests/data/hls_fmp4_ac3.m3u8
-fate-hls-fmp4_ac3: CMD = probeaudiostream $(TARGET_PATH)/tests/data/now.mp4
+fate-hls-fmp4_ac3: CMD = probeaudiostream $(TARGET_PATH)/tests/data/now_ac3.mp4
 fate-hlsenc: $(FATE_HLSENC-yes)

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