[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 1/2] lavc/qsv: use avpriv_ instead of ff_ as prefix for some functions

James Almer jamrial at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 15:21:26 EET 2020

On 12/4/2020 7:24 AM, Anton Khirnov wrote:
> Quoting Haihao Xiang (2020-11-23 09:16:13)
>> ff_qsv_print_iopattern, ff_qsv_print_error and ff_qsv_print_warning can be
>> used outside of lavc. In addition, ff_qsv_map_error is used in
>> libavcodec/qsv.c only, so remove ff_ from ff_qsv_map_error and make it
>> static.
>> Signed-off-by: Haihao Xiang <haihao.xiang at intel.com>
>> ---
> New avpriv functions are strongly discouraged. Dependencies between
> libavcodec and libavfilter are also not good.
> Those should either be inline in a private header, or exported as proper
> public API from libavutil.

Public API, or even avpriv_ symbols that depend on external 
libraries/hardware are not a good idea and should be avoided. And these 
are all "print error", "print warning" kind of helpers that most likely 
have no use outside of libav*.

All of them look like can be inlined just fine, too, so he should do 
that instead.

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