[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavformat: add librist protocol

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Dec 28 13:24:39 EET 2020

Marton Balint (12020-12-25):
> Actually it should be POLLING_TIME as defined in libavformat/network.h for
> blocking mode if you want behaviour to be consistent with other protocols.
> The function cannot block indefinitely even in blocking mode to be able
> allow generic code in libavformat/avio.c:retry_transfer_wrapper to abort a
> blocking wait.

You are right, I forgot about it. It should be 0 in non-blocking mode
and POLLING_TIME in blocking mode. Definitely not 5.

> Other protocols are directly using poll/select to wait for data with
> POLLING_TIME timeout, but since librist does not provide a way to poll for

Note that it is far from a perfect solution. In particular, it makes our
network protocols unsuitable for idle connections with embedded
applications, because these timeouts prevent the device from sleeping.
At some point, we will need to redesign our protocols API around an
event loop. In fact, all our I/O and threading probably need to be
merged into a single event loop and scheduler.

> data, this is the best we can do (and return EAGAIN even in blocking mode if
> the POLLING_TIME elapses, because retry_transfer_wrapper will retry in that
> case anyway)

It looks to me that librist is not ready for prime time. We could
integrate it as experimental, to help it getting there. But I do not
know if the people involved would be receptive.


  Nicolas George
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