[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] API and infrastructure enhancement projects

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Dec 31 15:40:30 EET 2020

Nicolas George (12020-12-31):
> Hi.
> I would like to summarize the projects I have had in mind for FFmpeg for
> some time. I have already evoked some of them here in more or less details.
> These projects are not directly related to FFmpeg's work of codecs and
> formats, they are about FFmpeg's infrastructure and API, to make the actual
> work easier, and to provide a more convenient interface for applications.
> Before starting to invest work in them, I would like feedback from the
> community, both FFmpeg core developers and people who develop with FFmpeg's
> libraries.
> The projects are:
> - Global state into structure


> - Unified string / stream API


> - Type descriptors


> - Internal error messages


> - Event loop


> To make discussion easier, I will post one new mail per project.


  Nicolas George
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