[FFmpeg-devel] Followup: FOSDEM meeting

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann at mail.de
Sat Feb 22 12:11:40 EET 2020

Am 22.02.20 um 11:11 schrieb Thilo Borgmann:
> Hi,
>> Firstly, I want to thank j-b for his organisation of the meeting at
>> FOSDEM, I think the meeting itself was productive and the outcome was
>> good.
>> Unfortunately, there is one issue: So far no one has shared a copy of
>> the notes or a picture of the blackboard after the meeting. I was silly
>> to assuming that someone else had recorded it and not taking a photo was
>> my mistake.
>> Did anyone keep a note of the results of the meeting at FOSDEM (or can
>> at least recall them, my memory is not so good)? If not, this makes it
>> difficult to begin the process of enacting the various votes which were
>> discussed.
> I created a new page on the wiki about this meeting. I already uploaded my pictures of the blackboard - sorry for being late, this was raised on IRC already, too.
> Please someone put an IRC log from the meeting there, too. James Darnley?
> Also the audio was streamed, somebody might remember where too exactly. Michael?
>> I will make sure to take notes in any future meetings. I think that this
>> is the best way to ensure that it properly gets done by holding myself,
>> rather than others, accountable.
> Thanks a lot! It would be a big help for everyone - especially if these things could be declared before the meeting and not ad-hoc. Nobody will thank you for that and it's typically a job nobody wants to do either. So let me do that at least once here :)



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