[FFmpeg-devel] Using multiple simultaneous HTTP connections to read file

Phi Kiet Hoang kiet.heros at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 11:01:39 EET 2020

Dear all,
I want to cut a part of the file on the server using this command:
ffmpeg -ss 00:30:00 -t 1000 -i http://myserver/video/test.mp4 -c copy
I did some tests, cutting is very very fast, but downloading file is very

To speed up, I need to use many simultaneous connections to read MP4 files
on the HTTP server. *Does ffmpeg support this feature ?*

If I process the entire content of the file, I only need to use
a download utility to download the file with many connections and run
ffmpeg command after. However, I'm cutting a video.
If ffmpeg doesn't support simultaneous connections, I intend to write a
local http proxy to get data from a remote file and return back to ffmpeg.
In local proxy (nodejs), I'm free to use many libraries to download files
in parallel.
*What do you think about this solution ?*
Thank you !!!

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