[FFmpeg-devel] Can anyone write simple "http" filter for 100$ ?

Alex 3.14pi at ukr.net
Tue Sep 8 15:30:00 EEST 2020

It just send raw frames/images to other process/server and wait for response. Nothing complicated.

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From: "Nicolas George" <george at nsup.org>
Date: 8 September 2020, 14:36:45

Alex (12020-09-08):
> Hi!Can any one write simple "http" filter for ffmpeg and I'm paying
> for this job 100$.
> Filter must accept server address, port, path, query as options. This
> filter, just send post request with attached raw image/frame data to
> the server and server will respond with new post-processed image/frame
> then this frame must be injected to next filter in ffmpeg filter
> complex. 
> In other word I need to do post-processing of image/frame on remote server.

There have been talk or external filters for a long time, including
systems to run filters in separate processes or hosts. That means the
principle of doing it is accepted, but it needs to be done in a way that
suits all the use cases that were evoked; it requires careful design.

So I want to make it clear that I would strongly oppose, and I would not
be alone, to a quick-and-dirty solution designed just to catch this


  Nicolas George

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