[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/2] avfilter/af_astats: Remove fraction part of integer metadata entries

Anton Khirnov anton at khirnov.net
Sat Apr 17 16:23:28 EEST 2021

Quoting Tobias Rapp (2021-04-16 15:50:44)
> On 09.04.2021 09:58, Tobias Rapp wrote:
> > On 08.04.2021 11:34, Nicolas George wrote:
> >> Anton Khirnov (12021-04-08):
> >>> Does this mean that there are no stability guarantees for metadata
> >>> exported by filters?
> >>
> >> We can have stability for the components that are good enough to be
> >> stable, and no stability yet for components that need enhancing.
> > 
> > Indeed I should at least increment the minor (or micro?) version for 
> > libavfilter. And for the metadata changes my goal was to make some 
> > obvious things like "lavfi.astats.Bit_depth=24.000000" less weird. I 
> > didn't dare to touch other things. As the astats filter metadata is not 
> > tested by FATE my guess was that stability is not yet a high priority.
> BTW: After the change metadata key names match what is documented in
> http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#astats-1 regarding underscores and 
> the "Overall" prefix.
> Have added an increment of the minor version in libavfilter/version.h 
> locally. So I guess this patch should be fine now?

If it makes thing more in line with documenation then I guess it's less
bad. But from the users' perspective it sure be nice to be able to tell
which of these things are guaranteed to remain stable.

And more generally I believe side data should be used for information
exported by filters, not metadata.

(do not take this as an objection to the patch, just general rambling)

Anton Khirnov

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