[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Naming of Subtitle Types

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> Subject: [FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Naming of Subtitle Types
> Hi,
> I wanted to gather some opinions about the naming of subtitle types.
> In my patched I have consistently used the terms "Graphic Subtitles"
> and "Text Subtitles" everywhere.
> I think "Text Subtitles" is out of question, but for the other one,
> there are two viable options:
> "Bitmap Subtitles"
> or
> "Graphc Subtitles"
> I tend to the latter, but if anybody had objections, now would be
> a good time to let us know :-)

Same goes for the individual filter names.

Paul has suggested to remove the underscores, for those I'm showing 
the underscore-less name in square brackets:

- subscale
  Provides high-quality scaling and rearranging 
  functionality for graphical subtitles.
- graphicsubs2text
  Convert graphic subtitles to text subtitles via OCR
- censor
  Allows censoring word in subtitles by a configurable
  word list
- show_speaker [showspeaker]
  Prepend the speaker names to text lines
  (those are often available in ass subs)  
- split_cc [splitcc]
  Splits out Closed-Caption data as a subtitle stream
  for filtering and encoding
- overlay_graphicsubs [overlaygraphicsubs]
  Overlay graphic subtitles onto a video stream

- graphicsub2video
  Converts graphic subtitles to (transparent) video frames
- overlay_textsubs [overlaytextsubs]
  Overlay text subtitles onto a video stream.
- textsubs2video
  Converts text subtitles to video frames
- textmod
  Modify subtitle text in a number of ways

- stripstyles
  Remove all inline styles from subtitle events

Please let me know when there are objections regarding
any of those names.


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