[FFmpeg-devel] ARM Hardware Request

J. Dekker jdek at itanimul.li
Fri Oct 8 02:21:18 EEST 2021


I'm writing ARM64 ASM and testing on Apple M1 and Graviton2 N1 devices. 
This, however, is not a good spread of micro-architectures among 
commonly used ARM64 devices. Additional micro-architectures which I 
would like to test are 'High Efficiency' A53 and A55; 'high performance' 
A72, A73, and A77, and 'Prime' X1.

I've identified the following devices along with the micro-architectures 
they use and a price estimate:

- NanoPi M4B, Rockchip RK3399 (A53/A72) - 99 EUR
   & Extras (~23 EUR)
- ODROID-N2+, Amlogic S922x (A53/A73) - 71 EUR
- OnePlus 9, Snapdragon 888 (A55/A77/X1) - 799 EUR

As a note, the cheapest Snapdragon 888 devices were phones rather than 
development boards (with the 'official' development board being more 
than double the example given here). I don't think the OnePlus is the 
cheapest, but seems like it would be the most reasonable to test 
(unlocked boot-loader, etc).

I am preemptively requesting reimbursement for these devices, 
suggestions welcome.

J. Dekker

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