[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/2] Revert "arm: hevc_qpel: Fix the assembly to work with non-multiple of 8 widths"

Martin Storsjö martin at martin.st
Mon Oct 18 15:33:32 EEST 2021

On Sat, 16 Oct 2021, J. Dekker wrote:

> This reverts commit 2589060b92eeeb944c6e2b50e38412c0c5fabcf4.
> Signed-off-by: J. Dekker <jdek at itanimul.li>
> ---
> libavcodec/arm/hevcdsp_qpel_neon.S | 18 +++++++++---------
> 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

Ok, once commit 1/2 is finalized. But it would be good to explain why in 
the commit message too, e.g that the reverted commit just was added to 
appease the checkasm tests, but that this now has been fixed properly in 
the preceding patch. (It's probably good to first push the first patch so 
the commit hash for that gets settled, then mention that commit hash in 
this one before pushing it too.)

// Martin

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