[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 1/2] fftools/ffmpeg: exit application when decoding returns AVERROR_EXIT

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Wed Oct 20 03:53:01 EEST 2021

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> You didn't ask for alternatives until now, only submitted this patch
> and
> argued in favor of it. 

No that's not true, I already said 

"Maybe there's a better way than my patch, .."

> explicitly ensures it's *not* a decode error before deciding to abort
> or
> not, because decoders can fail at decoding a packet but easily
> recover
> after receiving new ones.

Yes, that's why I'm returning an error code for this case that
clearly indicates that it is an unrecoverable error.

> > I am open to suggestions to fix the issue in a different way.
> If the issue is that a CUDA module like cuviddec gets stuck in an
> unrecoverable state with decode/receive_frame calls, regardless of
> what
> packet or how many you pass to it, then an option could be to somehow
> prevent said module to get stuck like that, by for example adding
> some
> sort of retry count to ffmpeg CLI, with infinite as default 

Why does an unrecoverable error need retries?

> Why do you think it's a bug? ffmpeg, by design, is explicitly not
> stopping on decoding errors.

This is not a decoding error, it's a decoder error and surely not
the intended kind of case where ffmpeg should continue.

> Do you need ffmpeg to output a log at all?

How should I be able to diagnose and discover such bugs without
outputting a log?

Kind regards,

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