[FFmpeg-devel] ffprobe feature request - tv_show description

linden at venom.one linden at venom.one
Sun Oct 31 19:11:09 EET 2021

Hey folks,

nice to be on the mailing list :).
At my application, I use ffprobe to get various metadata from mp4 files.
I noticed that there is a field called "synopsis" at the ffprobe output, 
which can contain a description for a Movie or a TV-Show episode.
Sadly this does not fully satisfy my requirements. There is a second 
filed which is dedicated to a TV-Show's description, sadly the atom is 
unknown to me but the tools "Subler" and "MetaX" can set these, please 
also see: https://bitbucket.org/galad87/subler/src/master/

iTunes also uses this specific atom to display a summary of a TV-Show 
Season, which is exactly what I need.
Is it possible to add this field-parsing to the ffprobe source? This 
would help me a lot of getting me application done.
Sadly I have no knowledge onto C or Assembly programming to add this 
feature myself, so I thought that I maybe get some help here.

Thanks in advance.

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