[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avformat/isom: support 16:9 DV in QuickTime

Brion Vibber bvibber at wikimedia.org
Sat Jul 2 04:23:46 EEST 2022

Attached patch adds input support for 16:9 DV video in QuickTime.

I found some old files produced by Adobe Premiere and Radius SoftDV which
were affected by this: 4:3 files were marked as type 'dvc ' which already
worked; 16:9 files as 'dvl ' which was missing. PAL uses 'p' in place of
the ' ' space character of NTSC in both versions, but I have no PAL sample

Confirmed to work on real NTSC files; PAL not tested.

-- brion
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