[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v2 2/2] ffmpeg: add option -isync

Gyan Doshi ffmpeg at gyani.pro
Mon Jul 4 06:47:31 EEST 2022

On 2022-07-02 03:21 pm, Gyan Doshi wrote:
> On 2022-07-02 02:12 pm, Anton Khirnov wrote:
>> Quoting Gyan Doshi (2022-07-01 13:03:04)
>>> On 2022-07-01 03:33 pm, Anton Khirnov wrote:
>>>> Quoting Gyan Doshi (2022-06-25 10:29:51)
>>>>> This is a per-file input option that adjusts an input's timestamps
>>>>> with reference to another input, so that emitted packet timestamps
>>>>> account for the difference between the start times of the two inputs.
>>>>> Typical use case is to sync two or more live inputs such as from 
>>>>> capture
>>>>> devices. Both the target and reference input source timestamps 
>>>>> should be
>>>>> based on the same clock source.
>>>> If both streams are using the same clock, then why is any extra
>>>> synchronization needed?
>>> Because ffmpeg.c normalizes timestamps by default. We can keep
>>> timestamps using -copyts, but these inputs are usually preprocessed
>>> using single-input filters which won't have access to the reference
>>> inputs,
>> No idea what you mean by "reference inputs" here.
> The reference input is the one the target is being synced against. 
> e.g. in a karaoke session -  the music track from a DAW would be ref 
> and the user's voice via mic is the target.
>>> or the merge filters like e.g. amix don't sync by timestamp.
>> amix does seem to look at timestamps.
> amix does not *sync* by timestamp. If one input starts at 4 and the 
> other at 7, the 2nd isn't aligned by timestamp.

If any further comments or objections, let me know.

Plan to push set tonight. The first patch isn't crucial. I can adapt to 
push the 2nd without the first. But ideally both.


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