[FFmpeg-devel] Request: make framepool visible externally

Marco Vianini marco_vianini at yahoo.it
Tue Jul 12 19:28:30 EEST 2022

Hi all
I'm using Libav libraries (version 4.1.6) to make operations on audio/video AVFrame: conversions, decoding, encoding, etc.

To improve performances I'd like to use framepool.
So I need to include "libavfilter/framepool.h", but I cannot, because this file is not exported. 
Should be possible to add "framepool.h" to HEADERS in "libavfilter\Makefile" ?
Code:"NAME = avfilterDESC = FFmpeg audio/video filtering library
HEADERS = avfilter.h                                                    \          buffersink.h                                                  \          buffersrc.h                                                   \          version.h                                                     \   framepool.h                                                   \   ...   "   
Thank YouMarco Vianini

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