[FFmpeg-devel] Development opportunity: LTC noise on files created from videotape source: filter idea

Stephen McConnachie Stephen.McConnachie at bfi.org.uk
Mon Jul 18 12:53:14 EEST 2022

Hi FFMPEG developers,

I have a proposal for a paid development opportunity to add a filter to FFMPEG.

I followed the advice on the FFMPEG Consulting page at https://ffmpeg.org/consulting.html and am emailing this list to try to identify if any of the FFMPEG developers may be able to take on a development commission.

Background: we are digitising high volumes of videotape carriers, and have identified a common case in some videotape formats where Linear Time Code from the tape carrier is present on audio stream 1 in the encoded file - manifesting as a continuous noise.

Idea: could a filter be developed in FFMPEG, based on example files we can provide, to identify the presence of an LTC-derived audio stream, and additionally identify which of the streams is the LTC stream.

If this filter idea sounds achievable, I would aim to identify which of the FFMPEG developers may be able to take on this work, and estimated costs and timeline.

All the best,

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