[FFmpeg-devel] [crop support for matroska demuxer, V3 1/3] libavcodec: Add crop related fields to structure AVCodecContext and AVCodecParameters.

Dmitrii Ovchinnikov ovchinnikov.dmitrii at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 18:20:19 EEST 2022

>> I don't see why should a decoder deal with this at all?
>>This can be just as well done by the caller.

This implementation takes a reference of the h.264 supporting cropping. In
h264, if width (stored in ACCodecContext) parsed from container is
different from width parsed from elementary, it will trigger cropping. This
is essentially a kind of cropping that related with container. It will
infer parameters cb(crop bottom), cr(crop right), and then finally assigned
them to AVFrame.

This gives the inspiration when we get direct cropping parameters from
container. We can us the same methodology.

Parser cropping parameters from container in demuxer -> stored container
cropping parameters in AVCodec -> pass container cropping parameters to
AVFrame-> Apply Crop in frame.c of libavutil.

I agree that the caller decide container cropping. To support caller decide
the behaviors of cropping,I declare a new field “container_apply_cropping”.
The value of this fields container_apply_cropping is decided by caller.
This field is by default 1.

   - When set to 1 (the default), libavcodec will apply container cropping
   to codec cropping additionally.

   - When set to 2, libavcodec will use container cropping to overwrite
   codec cropping (the final cropping uses container cropping parameters)

   - When set to 0, libavcodec will ignore container cropping parameters
   (the final cropping uses codec cropping parameters)

Caller can total decide the behaviors of container cropping.

This field “container_apply_cropping”  subject the value of
“apply_cropping" (an existing field ). Only apply_cropping is 1, this field
works.  This make sure the container cropping parameters supporting is
consistent with the current cropping mechanism.

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