[FFmpeg-devel] Hardware purchase request Apple M2

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann at mail.de
Mon Feb 6 13:24:30 EET 2023


> the M2 chip recently made it from the laptops into the mini as well.
> It's the generation of the Chip, I think we should buy one and have that running FATE as well.
> Kieran agreed on hosting this one like he does for the existing M1 machines.
> There are currently two M1 machines running at Kieran's, one of which runs FATE and the other is basically idle.
> So I propose to
> a) spend funding on buying one new M2 to run FATE at Kieran's and
> b) retire the idle M1 machine and have that send to me to replace my Core i7 mini from 2014.
> If nobody objects, Kieran will buy the new machine and requests reimbursement here.

Martin pointed out we don't need an M2 for FATE as the instruction sets are equal on both machines.

So I change this request to just buy me an M2 mini then for ffwork.
Also saves some trouble sending the machines around and possible customs coming from the UK.

Paul's complaint I use it only for my personal use is of course wrong.
Also he is not using it for benching atm - though others might but with just buying a new M2 nothing changes for anyone with access to the existing machines.

I'd need another OK for this change of plans, of course.


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