[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mswindres: Use '-' instead of '/' for rc.exe options

Ziemowit Laski zlaski at ziemas.net
Thu Feb 9 23:01:42 EET 2023

> FWIW, this setup is definitely being used by lots of others already - so
> whenever there's such an issue, the main question to ask is why others
> haven't run into the issue before. But improvements are definitely
> welcome!

You have to have PATH set up so that rc.exe is found inside the Windows SDK.
This is NOT the default behavior.  Usually, you would have to invoke the
'Developer Command Prompt' from the start menu to get the correct environment.

But I have my system set up so that the Microsoft tools are ALWAYS found,
regardless of which shell you are running.  That could explain the different
behavior that I'm seeing.

> You should probably talk about the option '/nologo' here, there's no
> '/logo' option afaik.

Yes, good catch, thanks.

> These changes seem fine, but you're apparently not touching the case at
> the top, used for --version, where it is calling 'rc.exe /?'. For me, this

That's an interesting point.  I guess MinGW is "smart enough" not to rewrite
"/?" because it doesn't represent a valid path to begin with.  I will change
it to "-?" as you suggest.

> Anyway, with the commit message fixed, and the case of /? changed into -?,
> this patch would seem fine to me - thanks for your contribution!

Will do.  Thanks for your review. 😊


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