[FFmpeg-devel] FFmpeg 6.0

Lynne dev at lynne.ee
Fri Feb 10 20:50:29 EET 2023

Feb 10, 2023, 18:47 by michael at niedermayer.cc:

> Hi all
> i plan to branch off release/6.0 from master in the next days 
> If theres something blocking and i should wait, please reply here
> 6.0 release will be maybe 1 week after the branch point
> once it has branched all important fixes should be backported of course

Working hard on the Vulkan rewrite with video decoding, finished
the infra today, just need to port all filters to it. I should be done
in a couple of days, so please wait for it.
It's rather important this gets merged, as the whole ecosystem's
based on ffmpeg, and with drivers and libplacebo supporting it,
we're what's blocking adoption.
I can fix whatever bugs arise during the week of testing for 6.0.

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